Why Choose WeAproove?

WeAproove+ is unique ...
We took a different approach.

WeAproove+ inherits features from our Enterprise-class, Aproove Work Management platform giving you a powerful, unique online proofing software. Discover the WeAproove difference!

"WeAproove+ has unique benefits at the heart of the product, which you won’t find anywhere else.”

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Start for FREE;  then only pay for what you need! 

With WeAproove+, our subscription model is transparent.
We will not force you to upgrade to a "Team" or "Business" edition to unlock a feature. 

Register with WeAproove+ for FREE and get immediate access to the proofing dashboard and two free guest reviewers. The free edition allows you to create one proof at a time that is a maximum of 100 pages, or one video that does not exceed 100mb in size.

Purchase an additional 5GB of cloud space for $10 a month and unlock unlimited proofs, unlimited guests, and proof version management. 

If you need, even more, we have you covered!
Simply add additional users, storage, and features and only pay for what you need!

Get the best price from day one, without requiring a yearly commitment, and cancel at any time if you no longer require the service.

Full transparency. No-fuss. Online Proofing.

Color and content accurate
using genuine Adobe and Microsoft libraries!


With WeAproove, what you see is exactly what you get!

Our solution works with the world’s most commonly-used software applications and proprietary file formats via OEM agreements, and we never use open source technology so that your files display in the WeAproove precisely as they do in their native systems.

WeAproove is the only cloud-based online proofing software that uses original Adobe and Microsoft libraries to guarantee complete accuracy.

We will NEVER ask you to split multi-page documents

WeAproove+ is content based, not file based, which means we treat each page or spread as an individual proof, even when you upload a multi-page document.

This allows you to make decisions at a page level rather than proof level, without being forced to split your documents into individual pages, spreads or version pages that never changed between revisions.

Only review content that changed between revisions

WeAproove+ Smart Review and Version Management Technology feature automatically scans any revised proof and checks if content changed between revisions.

This powerful feature ensures proofs do not get version numbers if no changes are detected when a new file is uploaded. Furthermore, If a multi-page document is uploaded, the smart versioning technology will only apply a revision number on the pages that changed (it does not give the entire document a new revision number). This allows reviewers to check only the changed pages without the need to re-read the whole document.

Safe and Secure in Microsoft Azure Cloud!

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to run on the Microsoft Cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure gives a robust and scalable hosting platform with global instances to better serve our client base, no matter where they are located. Global instances allow us to offer a 99.99% uptime due to our data replication and failover strategy, which is all built into our cloud infrastructure. (For our European customer's local redundant instances ensure GDPR compatibility).

Support for over 180+ File Formats!

WeAproove+ supports over 180+ file formats natively, and we continually add more support as formats expand and evolve.

Click a category below to see the vast array of supported file formats. Please do drop us a line if anything is missing, we will be happy to investigate the possibility
of adding additional formats.