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Why Printers need WeAproove+ Online Proofing Software 


Printed Proof Savings

Save 98% on printers, paper, ink, maintenance, and delivery costs, not to mention the time saving!

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of NOT producing and delivering hard copy proofs is a 97% carbon emission saving!

Review Cycle Reduction

Online Proofing Software for Printers on average reduces revision cycles by 63% 

Avoid disputes and risk when going to print! 
WeAproove+ puts you in control of the approval process with faster sign-off and a full audit trail!

Online proofing for Printers not only saves time and money, but it protects you by giving a full approval audit trail!

Printers and Pre-Press companies need a mechanism to speed up the approval process and obtain customer sign-off. Hard copy proofs are not only expensive to produce; they are time-consuming to deliver, circulate, and obtain sign-off from your clients.

WeAproove+ gives printers and pre-press companies an easy way to obtain feedback and sign-off by making proofs instantly available to your invited reviewers anywhere in the world and across any timezone. 

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of all your proofs with automated reminders to keep your reviewers on track. Any disputes are quickly resolved thanks to the fully automated audit trail of who did what and when.

Don't worry about the color and content accuracy either. Our enterprise-class review interface uses genuine Adobe and Microsoft libraries to ensure what your client sees on-screen is what they will get on-press!

Free at the point of entry, no contracts, and the ability to "only pay for what you need" what do you have to lose?

Try WeAproove+ online proofing software for printers now!

Amazing Online Proofing features for Printers!


Annotations Tools

Markup & text extraction tools working alongside measurement, layer, color & rotation tools etc.

Version Comparison Modes

Compare proof versions or different assets using side by side, overlay, pixel, and ghosting comparison modes
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Online Proofing Dashboard!

Central Dashboard to track your proofs progression, invite guests and view status updates
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@mentions & Comment threads

Real-time collaboration with comments threads and @mention capability allowing you to add reviewers into a conversation.
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Packaging and Production Tools

Enhanced tools for production users including a barcode reader, color densitometer and measurement tools
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In-Proof Full Text Search

Search for text content within your proofs. Interactive links allow users to apply Annotation notes directly within search results. 
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