What is Online Proofing?

Discover the benefits of WeAproove+ free online proofing software

 With  WeAproove+

  • WeAproove+ eliminates the need for paper, ink and delivery. Save costs and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Instantly send reviewers notice to review proofs online with one source of truth.

  • Centralized view of all your proofs with real-time updates to track proof progression.

  • Eliminates de-centralized email threads and attachments.  

  • WeAproove+  can be accessed from anywhere in the world with any computer or smart device connected to the internet.

  • Digital, interactive & video content can be annotated in any browser.

  • Versioning tool allows you to see side by side, overlay, pixel or ghost comparison between versions.

  • All proofs are locked at each revision stage & can be recalled to see when the changes were made and by whom, allowing for a full audit trail.

  • Speed up your workflow and get to market faster!

 Without  We Aproove+

  • Physical proofs cost money to produce and deliver

  • The time taken to create and deliver the proof adds to the project duration

  • Gaining approval is challenging when reviewers are not in the same physical location

  • Reviewing and marking-up video and interactive content is not possible with a static proof

  • Manually comparing between versions is challenging with edits easily missed, especially when numerous physical proofs are distributed across reviewers

  • Keeping a physical audit trail of proof feedback from different reviewers is time consuming, inefficient and can lead to disputes on subsequent versions of the artwork


Evolution of Online Proofing

Content is being created much faster, across more output channels, with shorter deadlines, and with fewer resources. 

Traditionally proofing was done by passing printed proofs around, which reviewers would then physically mark-up in ink before giving the proof to the next reviewer. This method is time-consuming, resource-draining, environmentally unfriendly, and inefficient. Not to mention, it cannot cater for digital, HTML, or moving image formats. 

Emails with attachment(s) get frequently used for review and approval, but this method is full of impracticality and often leads to frustration, increased workload, and confusion. See below for a more detailed explanation of why emails are a terrible tool for mark-up and approval.

WeAproove+ online proofing gives you a centralized view of your proofs, allowing your reviewers to provide clear, concise feedback using a robust and user-friendly review interface. Collaborate in real-time with the ability to @mention users or guests and bring them right into your review cycle.

Powerful version comparison tools empower the reviewers to identify changes between the versions and even compare a proof against another document.
Our proofing dashboard gives a holistic view of all the proofs to identify the health of any ongoing proofing projects with automated reminders to keep everyone on track. 

Available 24 hours a day using cloud SAAS technology, WeAproove+ eliminates locality and timezone issues and removes the need to send physical proofs.

WeAproove+ gives you faster turnaround times and a fantastic return on investment, saving you both time and money!.

Not all software is created equal.
Check out WeAproove's unique features to see why our approach to online proofing is different from the rest. 


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Aproove gives an instant return on investment with an increase in productivity and efficiency.
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Contract Proof Saving
Overall Project Time Saving
Email Traffic Reduction

Why can't I just email my proofs?

You can, but it will present a whole new set of challenges that make it just as inefficient as printing a proof and passing it around! Here are some reasons why email is not suitable for review and approval:  

It is not centralized so reviewers cannot see each other's markup and comments.
It does not ensure all your reviewers are looking at the latest version of the proof.
It clogs up your mail server with large attachments sent to multiple people.
It relies on emails not being missed or hitting spam.
Reviewers cannot compare versions easily.
Chasing or reminding reviewers has to be done manually.
It is inefficient - someone has to collate all the emails together to create one marked-up document (not centralized).
No real-time collaboration with access to other reviewers notes and comments.
No audit trail or enforceable review for legal compliance.

We could go on, but primarily email was not designed to cater to the review and approval process, and it could be adding confusion, unnecessary risk, and much more time to your projects.

That, in turn, costs you valuable resources, time, and money.