Same same but very Different!
Proofing features & tools that make us stand out from the crowd

WeAproove+ may look similar to other online proofing software on the market today, but our approach is very different. All our functionality comes from our enterprise-class, Aproove Work Management product giving you robust, pure online proofing without any gimmicks.

Check out our incredible features below and find out why WeAproove+ is genuinely unique!

Features to streamline & conquer your content review process

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180+ Supported Filetypes

Support for every filetype, including PDF, Documents, Video, HTML, and much more!
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Proofing Dashboard

Never miss a deadline with the centralized proofing dashboard that lets you track all your proofs and see early warning indicators on proof deadlines
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Content-Based Smart Review

Unique to Aproove, reviewers can make decisions on individual pages or the entire proofs, even on multi-page documents. This amazing feature means you never need to separate multi-page files.
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Annotations and Markup Tools

Unique, multi-functional markup & text extraction tool that requires no training, working alongside our other powerful review tools.
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Version Comparison

Compare proof versions in multiple ways, including; side by side overlay, pixel, and ghost comparison.
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Comments & @mentions

Powerful threaded comments for in-proof collaboration with the @mention capability to easily add contributors to conversations or specific notes.
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Version Management & Smart Review

Automatic version management with optional Smart Review technology that will physically analyze revised proofs and only version proofs that changed even in a multi-page file!
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Enterprise Infrastructure & Security

Encrypted, secure, and scalable infrastructure. Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. 
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Packaging & Production Tools

Packaging and production tools for more advanced requirements. Including; inspection tools, barcode reader, densitometer, and color channel display.
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Content & Color Accurate

Aproove is the only cloud-based Online Proofing software which uses the genuine Adobe & Microsoft Libraries to ensure 100% content and color accuracy alongside full ICC and Pantone color support. 
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Deep Zoom

Ultra-fast deep zoom allows you to get up close and personal with your content. View that small print and check those small icons with ease, and with our patented tiling system, you won't belive the speed!
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Free Guest Users

Invite guests reviewers for free without impacting your user license count. Guest users can be invited at any time during the proofing cycle.
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Extract Text

Select and extract text directly into a note, and our visual display will highlight any text additions or deletions made to the text content.
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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Apply 2FA at a granular step level or individual decision level, as an optional, extra security layer.
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Instant Invite

Instantly share a proof with someone in your team or with a guest!


Video Proofing

Upload videos and allow for detailed video markup that can be applied across timelines with real-time collaboration.



WeAproove is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Discover the benefits of using cloud and SaaS software.
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Attach files to Notes 

Want to supply new copy or a new pic? Attach files to notes during the review process and keep all your files centralized & accessible. 

Website Support

Drag and drop or enter your URL into a project to transform it into a preview that allows you to review, markup, and collaborate on your website content.


Efficient Markup Display

Art-workers can automatically re-order the notes and comments giving the most efficient order in which to apply corrections based on X-Y coordinates.
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