Comments, @Mention & Collaboration


Comments & Threads included Free Feature 

Commenting on threads allows for collaboration and discussion inside the proof itself

@Mention included Free Feature 

@mention a user or email address to instantly invite them into a note or a discussion thread.

Efficient Markup Display included Free Feature 

Automatically re-order the notes giving the most efficient order in which to apply any corrections

Deep Zoom option Optional feature

Powerful Deep Zoom allowing you to inspect even the smallest details!

Comment & Threads

included Standard Feature - This feature comes as standard with WeAproove+

No more checking through multiple email threads, all comments and threads are kept centralized inside the proof with real-time collaboration.

As new proof versions are uploaded, all the notes and comments get locked down on the older proofs, but they are still visible when you compare the versions (if the version feature is enabled). This gives you a full audit trail and allows reviewers to only ever annotate on the latest proof, avoiding mistakes.

As users start to add notes, they will appear in the tray on the right-hand side of the screen. The comments tray can be hidden or displayed when users are in the review interface, allowing reviewers to use the entire screen.

Once a note gets created, it will display the author of the comment, and if "allow comments" is ticked, other reviewers can add comments against the note. 

This function inside the
Comment & Threads tool is handy if you want to start a discussion thread or canvas opinion on a particular note. Different users can also apply comments which will appear in the thread. The comments can also have uploads attached to them. 

If you want to draw another reviewers attention to a note or comment, you can @mention the user (for more information see the @mention tab)



included Standard Feature - This feature comes as standard with WeAproove+

@mention is only available in "Business Editions" with other Online Proofing companies. With WeAproove it comes for FREE as standard in the review interface!

When reviewing a proof, you may want to canvas another person's opinion, ask a question, or give yourself a sanity check!


Using the @mention tool, add anyone inside a note or comment, and the @mentioned user will receive an invite, which will take them to your specific note where they can reply.  The user will not see any other notes allowing them to focus precisely on the area you need input, ensuring concise feedback from your @mention.

When a reviewer types the @ symbol inside a note or comment, suggested users based the reviewer's contacts and teammates will be smart listed while the user is typing. Reviewers can also @mention anyone outside of the reviewer's contacts by simply @mentioning an email address, that address will then get added to the reviewer's contact list for future use.

This feature allows for quick, targeted responses to questions and queries for users that may or may not be inside the proofing project. The @mention is targeted and only exposes the @mentioned party to the specific note where assistance is required. 

Efficient Markup Display

included Standard Feature - This feature comes as standard with WeAproove+

When reviewers annotate and comment on proofs, the notes may not get applied in any particular order. For example, note one might be in the middle of the page, and note two could be in the top left corner.


When the document author or art-worker comes to apply the changes, it could be more challenging and less time-efficient moving around the file implementing the changes in note order. 

With this in mind, WeAproove added the X-Y sort button.

If a user clicks on the X-Y sort, it will automatically re-order the notes based on the X-Y position on the page. Now the author or art-worker can apply the changes in the most efficient way of moving left to right, top to bottom, across the page. 

This time-saving feature could equate to a lot of monetary savings over a time giving you a high return on investment in studio time.

Deep Zoom

option  Optional Feature - This feature can be added to your WeAproove+ Free Account

WeAproove+'s tiling technology allows you to zoom even deeper into your proofs, enabling you to check those finer details such as small text and icons with unbelievable speed.


When files get uploaded, they automatically get "tiled" into thousands of pieces during the ripping process using WeAproove+'s patented technology. 

As a user starts to zoom on a file, priority gets given to that area. The Deep Zoom feature pieces together the relevant tiles and sends them back to your browser display at incredible speed. This provides the reviewer with a smooth and fast display experience as they move around the proof, and they never have to wait for the entire proof to render before it is displayed. 

This means that:

  • The zoom display is very fast
  • The zoom level is deep
  • Checking small content such as type and icons is extremely easy
  • Notes and annotations can be applied even when you are zoomed in at a deep ratio!