What Are Cloud SaaS Benefits?


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What is the cloud and what does SaaS even mean?

WeAproove+ Cloud SaaS Benefits
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What are the business benefits of using a SaaS based cloud application?

What is Cloud SaaS ?

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Traditionally a company would purchase software as a license and then install that software onto dedicated hardware. The hardware was typically located on-premise inside the purchasing company and managed by their internal IT department. This type of purchase was generally expensive, with lots of hidden costs for setup, hardware, and maintenance. Deployment could also take many months or even years.


SaaS (Software as a Service) removes the need for organizations to install and run applications on their infrastructure. Hosted cloud software eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation, and support.

For a monthly or annual fixed fee, companies can adopt the software immediately without the risk of a considerable capital expense. The software and infrastructure get fully managed by the vendor needing no involvement from an internal IT team. 

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Benefits of WeAproove+ Cloud SaaS

included Free Feature - This feature comes as standard with WeAproove+ Free Account

Flexible payments:
Rather than purchasing a software license alongside expensive hardware, you can subscribe to the service and pay monthly or annually. You can even start for free with the entry level edition. This allows for predictable budgeting and the ability to terminate the service if requirements change. 

Only pay for what you need: 
With WeAproove+, you are in full control of what features, storage, and the number of users you require. This future proofs the solution and ensures you only pay for what you need.

This approach is unique to WeAproove+, and if you ever need more than online Proofing, our sister product Aproove Work Management offers online proofing and work management software working seamlessly together.

Automatic Updates & Support: 
Product updates and new features are continuously added by WeAproove+ in the background, meaning you do not need to plan for upgrades or take responsibility for deploying them. You add new functionality as it becomes available. Should you ever need assistance, our tech support who specializes in the software are always on-hand to assist. 

Being in the cloud means the application is available 24/7 365 from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world.

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